We have a portable refrigerated trailer for any cold storage occasion, whether it is for catering, corporate events, festivals, cookouts, camps, schools, restaurants, health care facilities, etc.  We have a refrigerated trailer for you, no matter if it’s for a few days or a few months, and we do it all! Delivery, setup, and pickup are covered in your price.

Cold, clean, sanitized, convenient… Guaranteed!

Why use a McCOOL Mobile Trailer?

Trailer in front of Chik-fil-a

Our Cooler or Freezer Trailers offer several benefits over the traditional refrigerated truck:

  • Operates as a freezer down to 0° F
  • Plug into any standard 110-Volt 15-amp electrical outlet
  • No diesel fuel needed
  • No hourly meter charges
  • Environmentally friendly, no exhaust fumes
  • Can be operated indoors
  • No lift-gate loading
  • No assembly necessary

There is a better option: “Rent a McCOOL Mobile Trailer

We provide portable on-site, walk-in coolers or walk-in freezers that include everything needed to fully refrigerate or freeze any type of meat, dairy, or other food product. These refrigerated or freezer trailers can be set up in any location and are great for a wide variety of events:


  • Emergency Cold Storage
  • Catering for Parties
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Special Events
  • Large Floral Presentations

McCOOL Mobile Trailer Rentals: A Walk-In Cooler on Wheels

McCool Trailer on wheels 13th street
McCool Same Day Emergency

Same-Day Emergency Walk-In Cooler or Freezer Delivery

Life throws us curve balls on a daily basis. McCOOL Mobile Trailers is here to help. If your cooler or freezer goes down due to malfunction, maintenance, or anything unexpected, you can call us to deliver a McCOOL Mobile Trailer directly to your door. We will set up and plug in the unit, so you can move your perishable goods into the unit immediately, while your cooler or freezer is repaired.

McCOOL Mobile Trailers can deliver to most areas on the same day, pending availability.

To discuss availability and reservations or any other options, call us at 404-545-1320

McCool Trailer food and beverage electrical connection

Food & Beverage or Catering at Any Event

We have simplified the process of getting a temporary walk-in cooler or freezer to your site by handling all the logistics for you. We deliver your on-site cooler or freezer trailer and connect it to any nearby standard 110-Volt 15-amp electrical outlet. Within a few hours, it will reach your desired temperature. You keep the trailer for as long as you need it, and then call us for pick-up once you are finished.

Our rentals will be ready to go when you need them and can be kept for three days or more. Trailers are delivered clean, sanitized and ready for you to fill them with your products.

McCool Trailer food and beverage outer cooling unit

McCool Mobile Trailer Rentals

Our trailers are available to rent for daily (Minimum 3 Day Rental), Weekly  or even monthly rental for your needs.

The McCool Mobile Trailers sizes are:
16 X 6
12 X 6
8 X 6

We deliver and set up our McCool Mobile Trailers units to your Refrigerated or Freezer needs.  Just a simple 110V 15A plug will operate the unit to 0 degrees and up to 50 degrees.

McCool Trailer Inside Trailer
  • Amusement Parks, Carnivals, and Fairs
  • Catering Companies
  • Conventions
  • Country Clubs and Golf Tournaments
  • Outdoor Events
  • Church Festivals
  • Family Gatherings
  • School Functions
  • Sporting Events
  • Beverage Cooler Trailers
  • Outdoor Tent Parties
  • Weddings
McCool Trailer Back Door